Anckorage Spring


Anckorage Spring was released a little more than one year before SpringSound and was a testbed for all the concepts fully accomplished in SpringSound. However, it is much more than a prototype and gives you a full flavor a what physical modeling synthesis can be on an IOS application, and it is a free app !


Anckorage Spring is a physical modelling audio synthesiser based on the simulation of a set of connected mass-spring, integrating non-linearities, fluid and static friction, mechanical limits, gravity and bouncing. It is designed to be controlled by a continuous controller (like the Haken Continuum but can be used with a regular keyboard or directly from the device screen. Of course a continuous controller will provide a much more accurate control of the model.

The mains ideas behind Anckorage Spring are :

  • Being able to tweak real world parameter like Mass, Force, Gravity, etc. instead of tweaking usual electronic parameters (like filter cut-off, ADSR envelope, ring modulation, etc.),
  • Not only try to mimic real world, but also allow very « unusual » things like modulating a Mass and changing the Gravity,
  • Emphasis control and expression using the physical parameters,
  • Open a new world of sound to experiment with….
  • Have fun and enjoy playing music !

Anckorage Spring can be used to extend your sound palette with a new world of physical sounds, but it is also an incredible sound design tool and can as well be used as an entertainment and fun tweaking new sound engine.

The audio out is purely generated by the physical model. Each voice of Anckorage Spring is built of a set of connected physical models and activators. A simple reverberation can be added. As Anckorage Spring is Audiobus compatible, you can use it associated with additional apps to provide audio effects, looping and recording apps, etc.

Main features:

  • Real physical modelling sound engine
  • Fully editable physical model
  • 88 200 Hz internal sampling rate
  • Special Haken Continuum compliance
  • Playable by any midi device
  • Core midi base (therefore including virtual midi and network midi compliance)
  • On device touch control
  • Rich preset management
  • Preset exchange mechanism (through iTunes Share)
  • All parameters controllable by MIDI CC
  • Audiobus compliant