Christophe Duquesne

Haken Continuum development team
Sound design, physical modeling
IOS app developpment
Voice of Luthier project

Christophe has been involved in sound synthesis for more than 30 years, with a special recent focus on physical modeling. He started his work sound using synthesizers like the Roland JUNO-6 and JX8P, Yamaha SY77 and then stepped up to more powerful platforms like the Nord Modular G2X, AAS Tassman, Max-MSP, CSound and of course, the amazing Eagan Matrix, sound engine of his beloved Continuum.

Christophe studied electronics (ISEP Paris) and has been a software developer and system architect for more than 25 years (mainly working for public transport data exchange and standardization). He started learning classical piano at 6 and, apart from being a member of Anckorage and Sans Bagages, he is now mainly known for being member of the  Haken Continuum development team.



Recent Sound Synthesis Endeavors:

• Design of the physical modeling applications SpringSound for IOS based on physical calculation of forces on mobile bodies. SpringSound also contains a IOS remote for the Continuum.

• Haken Audion development team: Involved in the SHARC DSP developement and sound design of internal presets of the Haken Continuum,closely working with Edmund Eagan and Lippold Haken.

• Work with the french stringed instrument maker Marc Lucas on a deep coupling of electronic and phycsical instruments

• Embedded physical modeling algorith development on PIC32MZEF 5Microchip) and SHARC DSP (ADSP 21469)

• Works with Tiptop Audio, and has recently developed the “Grain de Folie” cartridge (granular synthesis) for their Z-DSP Eurorack module (FV1 Spin semiconductor DSP), and the “Spring Waves” (physical modeling).

•  Sound designer of presets of the factory library of the ROLI Seaboard (RISE 25 and 49).

• Involved in the organization of the French Synthfest and of the ContinuuCon    

• Contributor for several web sites like the AAS Tassman forum or the Nord Modular forum on, etc.

“I do believe that expression, and associated new intruments and controllers, is the next step for electronic music, and I’m also convinced that these new controllers will give their best with dedicated sound engines. So I’m always happy to very modestly help paving this road.”