I’m involved in sound synthesis for more than 30 years now, with a special focus on physical modeling in recent years.

I started sound synthesis starting with old Roland analog JUNO-6 and JX8P, Yamaha SY77 and then improving through the use of Nor Modular G2X, AAS Tassman, Max-MSP, CSound,  and Eangan Matrix (sound engine of the Continuum Fingerboard).
Concerning my background, I studied electronic (ISEP Paris) and I’m a software developer and system architect for more than 25 years. Concerning music I have started learning classical piano at 6 and, apart from being member of bands Anckorage and Sans Bagages (see here), I’m now mainly known for being a Haken Continuum player.

My most noticeable (and humble) actions in sound synthesis are:

  • I have designed physical modeling applications for IOS (see ) based on physical calculation of forces on mobile bodies
  • I’m involved in the sound designed of some internal presets of the Haken Continuum (closely working with Edmund Eagan and Lippold Haken) focusing, on my side, on waveguide synthesis and substractive synthesis
  • I’m a contributor of the AAS Tassman forum where I have posted quite a lot of physcical modeling and substractive synth (some being commercially used by the sound designer Electric Himalaya, now working at ROLI)
  • I’m also a (small) contributor of the Nord Modular forum on where I have posted and discussed about a set of physical modeling and substractive synth for the Nord Modular G2

Since Musikmesse 2015 (where I was on the Haken Audio booth) I had contacts with Tiptop Audio, and have recently started developping for their Z-DSP Eurorack module (FV1 Spin semiconductor DSP).

I do believe that expression, and therefore new controllers, is the next step for electronic music, and I’m also convinced that these new controllers will give their best with dedicated sound engines (which is the  direction followed by both Continuum and Seaboard with its new Equator engine for example). So I’m always happy to very modestly help paving this road.