PMC (2)

I was in Sines, Portugal with Antonio Machado (our host, who set up everything for the gathering: thanks very much to him for all) for a PMC gathering, with Paul Harriman, Mark Harris, Duncan and Denise Foster and Ferdinand Strixner. It was a very great and peacefull time, exchanging about our instruments and playing music all together.

We had EigenHarp (several alpha and Pico and a Tau), Soundplane, Continuum, EWI and modular gears (mainly Intellijel and a Macbeth Micromac) plus a huge set of incredible synth (Andomeda, Nord Modular, Virus, MS20, SH-2, …).

Can’t wait for next year …

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Anckorage will be in Portugal from 9th to 12th of April for a PMC (Plyphonic Multidimensional Controllers) gathering where we will share about Eigenharp, Soundplane, Continuum, etc. We will experiment with all our instrument and discuss and investigate about related sound synthesis.