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    I’m currently uploading to Apple a SpringSound update (v1.2). The more important new features are the « Stick-Slip » mechanism improvement and, for Continuum users, the fact that the Continuum Remote is now also available on iPhone. So you now can access to most (not all due to a lack of space) of the iPad Remote features on an iPhone, through a 6 pages screen. Here are pictures from these pages.
    Other improvement are :
    * Rework of Stick Slip in order to make it easier to use and more effective (accumulate energy and always escape the stick phase)
    * Addition of waveform sample possibility (only used for Sawtooth for now, no user waveform yet… ask for it as a reply here if you think it would be a nice feature for you)
    * Fix of an accelerometer management issue
    * 22 new presets for V.1.2 (taking advantage of above improvements):
    • V1.2 A-New Voice
    • V1.2 B-Broken whistle
    • V1.2 C-New Wistle
    • V1.2 D-Brass Family
    • V1.2 E-Creaking Family
    • V1.2 F-Poppings
    • V1.2 F-Crystal Singer
    • 05.1-Pipe 2
    • 05.2-Pipe 3
    • 05.3-Pipe 4
    • 05.4-Pipe 5
    • 05.5-Pipe 6
    • 05.6-Pipe 7
    • 05.7-Pipe 8
    • 67.1-Slip-Stick 2
    • 67.2-Slip-Stick 3
    • 67.3-Slip-Stick 4
    • 67.4-Slip-Stick 5
    • 67.5-Slip-Stick 6
    • 67.6-Slip-Stick 7
    • 67.7-Slip-Stick 8
    • 67.8-Slip-Stick 9


    I would like to either have access to a larger variety of waveform samples, or better yet, to have the ability to import some user samples. I think I’d make use of that feature. Thanks. JS


    Would AudioCopy support to load your own sample be Ok for you ?


    I don’t know how to use that. Would I need to get audio files into something like AudioShare (which I don’t currently own) then copy it into some kind of clipboard? I’d prefer to use something like iTunes file sharing or Dropbox. But if AudioCopy is easiest for you, I’d figure it out. THANKS.


    AudioCopy is a free app… and quite a lot of other apps are compatible with it. It can access to the iTunes file sharing and SoundCloud, and also compatible with audioShare (so with access to Dropbox and online library). This would avoid the need to develop a kind of sample library.



    That seems fine. I’ve now got both AudioCopy and AudioShare and will familiarize myself with them.

6 sujets de 1 à 6 (sur un total de 6)
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